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This page provides important information for MSc ETH students interested in writing their master theses in collaboration with the Chair of Logistics Management. MAS ETH students who wish to have Prof. Wagner as their supervisor for a master's thesis project should contact him directly by .

If you are interested in supply chain or logistics management, industrial marketing management, or purchasing/supply management, we will support you in finding a suitable master thesis topic. Although you do not have to be an expert in any of these fields, it is highly recommended to attend at least one of our courses.

For further details on the master thesis process at the Chair of Logistics Management, please consult our guidelines (PDF, 72 KB) first. If you require more information, contact Stefan Kurpjuweit.

A a list of suggested master thesis topics which tie in closely with ongoing research projects is accessible once you log in with your nethz account. We strongly encourage you to have a close look at these topics and consider them. If you are interested in or have specific questions about any of the listed topics, please contact the indicated contact person directly by email. We are looking forward to visiting with you and discussing the topics in detail.

If you have your own ideas or wish to conduct your master thesis in collaboration with a company, please ensure that the substantive area in which you wish to research is linked to our areas of expertise. So please check-out the team members' research interests and publication records before you contact us. It is essential to write a proposal (max. two pages) which specifies the research problem that you seek to address as accurately as possible (What is the puzzle that you are trying to solve? Why is it a puzzle and why is it relevant? What methodology do you intend to use?). Send the proposal to the team member you think the topic fits best, and we will promptly arrange a meeting for further specification of the topic.

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